• Enterprise CIO Summit 2014
  • Enterprise CIO Summit 2014

Keynote Speakers

Hear the leading voices from industry, discuss & debate the hottest current technology


Vendor Showcase

An event hosted in buyer’s format where delegates & partners will address audience



An interactive workshop to enhance and build-up knowledge and skills


Build Network

Share thoughts, make new contacts to maximize opportunities for real business


Group Sessions

Exchange information, discuss the best practices and network with the peers


Panel Discussions

Learn from the industrial experts to get substantiate insights on various key topics

About the Summit

In today's rapidly changing technologies and disruptive alternatives, the role of a Chief Information Officer is becoming highly competitive; to remain afloat with the existing system of information workflow, whilst constantly adapting to 're-define business processes' by developing a robust and sustainable technology infrastructure. It would require a great deal of complex understanding and methodical execution to see through such technological transformation and enable efficient & cost-effective process practices.

On the contrary, the practical application of this strategic implementation could differ amongst various sectors. For Example - A well established Technology Firm may have a more advanced approach towards the ‘tools & processes being followed' compared to any other sectors such as 'Healthcare, FMCG, Retail, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Infrastructure & BFSI’. This in no manner indicates that these sectors are less adaptive to technology enabled work-flow mapping, except to state the significant scope of opportunity that exists to reevaluate ‘the technology adaptation and process automation measures’.

In order to achieve such higher alternative possibilities, we at The Lausanne Group have taken this initiative to launch our conceptual business event “The Enterprise CIO Revolution 2014”.

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